Swimmer Programs

The Swimmer program makes sure children learn the fundamental physical literacy skills for aquatic activities. Progressions accommodate 6 – 12 year olds, including beginners and swimmers who want to build on the basics.

Swimmer 1

Pre-requisite: 6 years of age

Swimmer 2

Pre-requisite: Swimmer 1 or Preschool 5 (and 6 years of age) or equivalent level

Swimmer 3

Pre-requisite: Swimmer 2 or equivalent level

Swimmer 4

Pre-requisite: Swimmer 3 or equivalent level

Swimmer 5

Pre-requisite: Swimmer 4 or equivalent level

Swimmer 6

Pre-requisite: Swimmer 5 or equivalent level

Swimmer 7, 8 & 9

Pre-requisite: Swimmer 6 or equivalent level

Swimmer 8 (Ranger Patrol)

The focus of Swimmer 8 is perfecting breathing, technique, and stroke timing for: Freestyle, Backstroke, Breastroke, and Butterfly. Swimmers will improve starts/turns, diving, sprints and continuous endurance (600-800m). Enhances capability in the water; including stride entry, object support, assisted removals, and lifesaving eggbeater kick. Rescue skills involve an increase skill level in ABC first aid basics, victim recognition, and non-contact rescues.

Swimmer 9 (Star Patrol)

An excellent preparation for Bronze Star or Junior Master’s, Swimmer 9 demands good physical conditioning and lifesaving judgement. Participants further develop lifesaving and first aid skills, refine all four competitive swim strokes and will be challenged with 800-1000m workouts.