Spring Camps

AGE: 4Y-12Y // There is no shortage of fun, thrills and sport discovery. This unique camp experience will rock their worlds, and you’ll end up with an inspired, happy, healthy and super active kid. This is where DREAMS start, let us plant the seed, and then you can watch them grow!

Mini Sport Launchers

AGE: 4-5Y // FUNDAMENTALS: Your little one will test-drive and explore all types of sports and activities as a Mini Sport Launcher! This half-day camp includes 30 minutes of swimming lessons a day and fitness fun sessions.

Sport n' Adventure

AGE: 6-7Y // FUNDAMENTALS: Sport n’ Adventure camp is a full week day camp designed for kids who are looking for fun on the edge of xtreme! Each camp has a balance of COREsport and SPORTainment features allowing your child to play, discover, and engage in a wide variety of activities and sports. This day camp also includes an afternoon spent in the pool! A focus on physical literacy skills will help your child be more confident when trying new physical activities or sports.

Xtreme Sport n' Ninja

AGE: 8-9Y // FUNDAMENTALS, LEARN TO TRAIN: Unleash your inner Ninja in this full week day camp geared towards kids who are looking for action, thrills and challenging obstacles. Campers will explore and grow basic skills for activities and sports using fundamental movement patterns that build agility, balance and coordination in our COREsport sessions. SPORTainment features, such as our Ninja Chamber, will push the limits of action and excitement. An afternoon exploring aquatic activities will be sure to get your child engaged and excited! Sign your Ninja up today!

Ultimate Sport n' Warrior

AGE: 10-12Y // This full week day camp is packed with excitement and sport experiences to get your heart pumping! Unleash your inner athlete and compete to be the Ultimate Warrior in a variety of our COREsport and SPORTainment activities, such as swimming, court sports and a floatable obstacle course. Warriors - it is time to test your limits!