Swim for Life® Swimmer

AGE: 6Y-12Y // FUNDAMENTALS, LEARN TO TRAIN: The Swimmer program makes sure children learn the fundamental physical literacy skills for aquatic activities. Progressions accommodate 6 – 12 year olds, including beginners and swimmers who want to build on the basics. Lots of in-water practice develops solid swimming strokes and skills. Water Smart education is a part of every level.

Swimmer 1

The focus of Swimmer 1 is entries and exits, floatation, submersion, breath control, and safe movement in the water. Children are introduced to floats, glides, kick and learning to be comfortable and relaxed in the water.

Swimmer 2

The focus of Swimmer 2 is propulsion through the water: glides and kick. Swimmers are introduced to front and back crawl, whip kick, interval training and deep water skills. Establishes a sound basis for the future acquisition of swimming skills. Pre-requisite: Swimmer 1 or Preschool 5 (and 6 years of age) or equivalent level .

Swimmer 3

The focus of Swimmer 3 is streamline positioning, propulsion and over-arm action for freestyle and back crawl. Swimmers build on skills taught in previous levels: whip kick, interval training and deep water skills and work-up to swimming 25m. Pre-requisite: Swimmer 2 or equivalent level.

Swimmer 4

The focus of Swimmer 4 is strength and endurance for freestyle and back crawl. Establishes basic movements and orientation ability needed for swimming skills like arm action, sculling and breathing. Swimmers are introduced to sprinting, underwater swims and components of breaststroke. Pre-requisite: Swimmer 3 or equivalent level.

Swimmer 5

The focus of Swimmer 5 is speed, arm action and breathing for Freestyle and Backstroke, working up to 50m distances. Interval training increases to improve propulsion and speed. Introduction to breaststroke, butterfly, eggbeater and dives/turns. Pre-requisite: Swimmer 4 or equivalent level.

Swimmer 6

The focus of Swimmer 6 is arm action, leg action and improving technique for Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke and Butterfly working up to 100m continuously. Swimmers are introduced to scissor kick and a 300m endurance swim. Pre-requisite: Swimmer 5 or equivalent level.