Mermaid & Merman School

AGE: 8Y-12Y // FUNDAMENTALS. LEARN TO TRAIN: Make all your dreams come true and learn to swim like a mermaid or merman in this whimsical program. These classes will include a mix of basic synchronized swimming skills, dolphin kick undulation, mono-fin training and tail care tips. Classes will be taught by certified Lifesaving Swim Instructors whose life-long wish is to become Mermaids. Classes will take place in the Teach Pool and Dive tank. This program is for participants between 8-12 years that have completed Swimmer 4 or equivalent (Red Cross Swim Kids 5, Stage 2 or YMCA Swimmer level). NOTE: Tails/mono-fins are required, and are not included within the program cost. Tails with monofins start at $99US through Fin Fun, check them out at: Once you have found the tail you want contact us to place the order or order online directly through Fin Fun. You are also able to bring your own tail made from breathable swimsuit material. Please contact us at for orders or more information.