Junior Masters Swim Club (Fitness Swimmer)

AGE: 8Y-17Y // LEARN TO TRAIN: Are you a swimmer who has achieved basic swimming skills and wants to refine and perfect these skills, but is not able to put the commitment in to join a competitive swim club? Junior Masters is a new and exciting approach to learning advanced swimming skills for children and youth, 8 to 17 years old. The program will provide professional coaching, stroke correction, technical instruction and a swim meet. Our goal is to help instill a lifetime passion for swimming and spark a higher interest in the sport of competitive swimming. The Fall session classes take place in 25m lanes, and the rest of the year classes take place in 50m lanes. Participants are broken into groups on the first day based on their understanding of the four competition strokes, stroke technique, distance and timed swims. Each group will have their own coach, and there is a Head coach that oversees the plan for the year. The group sizes will vary day-to-day based on which participants choose to show up on any given day as it is not required that participants attend all classes. Pre-requisite: Swimmer 9/Star Patrol or equivalent level.